2012 All Girls Surf Showdown wrap-up

Photo courtesy Craig Capper - Surfin Snapps

Brittani Nicholl from Pottsville flew home from competing in the Swatch Pro in France to be at the last “All Girls Surf Showdown” and dominated the Lennox Hotel Open Pro final scoring a total of 15 points out of 20.
 Nicholl said: “The conditions in the water were tricky but also good, some of the best I've had for a contest; & for the event to have such a strong field of surfers made the win feel that much better! I have to thank Max Perrot, Kelly O’Brien & Jenny Boggis for a well organised event. It'll be sad to see this event disappear off the calendar but I think everybody should be looking at it as more of a celebration as Max & Kellie have both achieved what they originally set out to do when they created the foundation for this event with Keryn Noach 20yrs ago. You just have to look at the names on the honour roll & you'll soon realise that this event has definitely been a major help in creating a path for women’s surfing.” 

The field was the strongest in many years with competitors making a big effort to be part of the last year. WQS surfers Dimity Stoyle, Phillipa Anderson, Brittani Nicholl and Georgia Fish rushed back from France to compete. Former top 5 professional surfer Samantha Cornish also took part. Cornish won the Showdown’s Junior Pro division back in 1999 before making the world top 10 in 2002. “I really enjoyed coming to the event as a junior and being the last year, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. The 'Showdown' has helped the development of junior surfers over the 20 years and it’s been one of the best female events in Australia.” 

This is the final year of the event and event directors and founders of the competition Max Perrot and Kellie O’Brien commented: "Female opportunities have improved greatly over the years and the event has fulfilled its need. To make the decision to finish was tough because you just think that it's going to go on forever. It took us a bit of time to decide and were really proud that we finished on our own terms. It's nice when it's your decision and not because everything fell apart."
Final results - 
Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
 Lennox Hotel Open Pro- 1 Brittani Nicholl, 2 Codie Klein, 3 Samantha Cornish, 4 Kirsten Ogden. 

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  Lennox Hotel Junior Pro- 1 Kirsten Ogden, 2 Georgia Fish, 3 Stephanie Single, 4 Codie Klein.

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  All Girls Surfriders Club Longboard Pro- 1Isabelle Braley, 2 Crystal Dzigas, 3 Melissa Combo, 4 Roisin Carolan. 

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  All Girls Surfriders Club Over 28- 1 Jenny Boggis, 2 Crystal Vail, 3 Jade Ogilvie, 4 Sandra English.

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  All Girls Surfriders Club Over 40- 1 Mel Mott, 2 Kellie O’Brien, 3 Jo-Anne Anderson, 4 Fiona Hunt. 

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
 The Northern Star 16 & Under- 1 Alyssa Lock, 2 Laura Poncini, 3 April Broughton, 4 Kiani Dobbyn.

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  Southern Cross Ten 14 & Under- 1 Alyssa Lock, 2 Jalessa Vincent, 3 Laura Poncini, 4 Sophie McCulloch. 

Photo courtesy Leon Meredith
  Hive Swimwear Open ‘B’- Collette Kerry, 2 Sarah Morison, 3 Ros MacKenzie, 4 Meryl Johnston. 

 Special awards: Lois Bucket Real Estate Best manoeuvre - Kirsten Ogden 
 Lennox Head Pharmacy Best tube - Alyssa Lock 
 Lennox Head Physiotherapy Centre Best Wipeout - Sophie McCulloch 
 Lennox Head Osteopathic & Chiropractic  Best judge - Rob Van-Iersal 
 Lennox Head Dental Junior Pro incentive - Annabel Barrett
 Mullet Hair 16 & Under incentive - Ellie Brooks 
 Elders Lennox Head 14 & Under incentive - Jancinta Greenup 
  Inner Beauty Highest Placed All Girls Member - Roisin Carolan. 
 Inspiration award (winning a signed Tyler Wright surfboard) - Kiara Meredith